Reinventing financial services

We support the next generation of entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth.

Arbor Group is a financial services group supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth.

We do this through a range of operational, financial and capital solutions.

We Serve

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Growth companies
  • Software and digital businesses
  • Emerging industries

Our Companies

Stark Naked Media

Stark Naked Media

Stark Naked Media is improving the financial literacy of entrepreneurs.

We do this through a suite of education and media products.

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SBO Financial

SBO Financial

SBO Financial turns bookkeeping and accounting into sophisticated finance for growth-focussed entrepreneurs.

Accounting looks at the past, operational finance focuses on execution in the future.

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Assurety helps entrepreneurs solve complex, strategic problems.

We do this with a range of mergers and acquisitions and strategic advisory services.

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Arbor Capital

Arbor Capital

Arbor Capital is an investment firm that provides patient capital to private, growth-focussed businesses with a long-term horizon.

We are private equity and venture capital fund managers that invest in technology and growth-driven businesses supported by the Arbor Group platform.

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About Us

Our name 'Arbor' illustrates our guiding philosophy.

Arbor is the latin name for a species of tree known for providing an incredible amount of strength, support and coverage through an interconnecting lattice of vines in its canopy.

We are the root system that provides the same strength, support and value to our network of stakeholders.

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